The book is all about seeing, composing and creating that winning photograph.

It works for the artist as well!

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The Handy Photography Booklet, An Artistic 


by Terry Tallis

An unsolicited quote from an accomplished photographer, Art Burkhalter.

Great publication.  I've gone through it cover to cover and have now placed the book permanently into my camera pack.  Love the way it is all about image composition, design elements and other suggestions to stimulate the photographer (or painter) into producing better images. 

I also like the way it is not about using a camera per say, but rather it provides direction on striving to improve the [photographer's] creative image capture work.  I know serious photographers, as well as beginners, will benefit from this publication.  Many thanks.”

What is in the booklet?

Seeing, choosing, and connecting with the location and subject. How to know you have something worthy of a photograph.

Composition and how to translate what you see in the viewfinder into a photograph.

The principles and elements of design. A series of templates a photographer can use to compose a photograph. 

A series of challenges in a “try this” section designed to increase the ability to be more creative and proficient with a camera.

A reading list (at least the author’s favorites).

How to Order:

Click on the book photo above. It will take you to the Blurb website where you can order either an hard copy of electronic copy of the book.

This is for the photographer of all skill levels and is designed to take into the field and stimulate your thinking and provide photographic challenges.

It offers a set of guidelines, templates and information to help with developing a photographic “eye” and capability to “make” that great photograph.  Each page is full of quick bulleted cues and examples.

This pocket sized booklet is kept small for a purpose. It is designed to easily carry in the camera bag or pocket. The photographer can readily select a technique or question set to review while in the field instead of trying to remember what appeared in a photography book left back home on a shelf. 

The old version has been replaced with a revised version and made available from a recognized web site.